About China Job List

An established presence in the online marketplace for employment in the Chinese mainland, China Job List aims to be the most complete and useful English-language resource for finding jobs in China. The job and resume boards are updated daily, and we continue to expand our directory of employers and keep it up-to-date.

The site is free for both employers and job-seekers to use. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

China Job List FAQ

Who can post jobs? How do I post a job?
Employers and recruiters may post job ads for any legitimate type of job position, provided it is located in mainland China (i.e. no telecommute jobs, internships, etc.) While ESL and teaching jobs tend to predominate, China Job List does not limit job posts to these areas. It is free to post a job ad on China Job List.

For instructions on posting job ads (in English and in Chinese), see Post a Job. If you have any questions about posting jobs, feel free to contact us.

How do I post a Job Wanted ad?
If you post a job wanted ad on China Job List, employers in China will be able to view your ad for free and contact you about job opportunities. See instructions here.

Can you add my school to the directory?
You may recommend an education employer for inclusion in China Job List’s directory by sending an email us. The school must have a website with information in English about employment (contact information for employment inquiries at the very least).

What are the legal requirements for working in China? What documents do I need?
See Practical Information for Work in China for official employment requirements, visa procedures, tax information, employment law, and answers to common questions.

How can I avoid scams and fraudulent job offers?
While most advertised jobs are genuine, a few basic precautions are advised. See here for more information on avoiding scams. Never send anyone any money up front for a job opportunity!

Is China Job List a recruiting or placement agency?
No. China Job List simply provides employers with an online space to post job openings, and is not involved in hiring.

Why do job ads on China Job List look different from ads on other sites?
China Job List requires employers to disclose key information about the positions they advertise, limits job ads to 40 words, and screens posts for relevance and clarity.