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Instructions for Job Wanted Postings

China Job Listʼs Jobs Wanted board is visible to thousands of employers in China. Job Wanted ads are free, and may be posted for any legitimate type of work that is based in China. Your ad must be 45 words or less in length, and include the type of job you are seeking and your contact information (to include your email address, put it below your ad; other contact information should go in the body of the ad). It is best to mention your qualifications as well.

Example Job Wanted ad:

Experienced Canadian ESL teacher looking for a full-time job teaching adults in Nanjing beginning in September. CELTA holder. Currently in China on tourist visa. Please contact by email, or by phone at 12345678901. {email}

How to post a job wanted ad:

Send an email to with “Job Wanted” as the subject. Put your ad (45 words or less) in the body of the email. Your ad will go up on the site within 48 hours. If your ad is more than 45 words, it cannot be published on China Job List.  If you submit a Job Wanted ad and we do not publish it, please check to make sure it is not more than 45 words, and re-submit.

You may have your ad removed from the Jobs Wanted board when you find a job (or at any other time) by sending an email to the above address with “Remove” in the subject line, and your posted ad in the body of the email.